How do I burn a MP3 CD with Nero Burning ROM?

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Software you need: Nero

A MP3 may contain much more songs than ordinary Audio CD, and if your CD player support MP3 files, why not burn a MP3 CD instead of ordinary audio CD? Using Nero Buring ROM, you can easily burn high quality MP3 files onto blank CD disk with no quatily loss, and then enjoy favorite music on your CD player.

Supplies needed:

1. CD Burner (16x or higher)

2. Blank CD disc

3. Nero Burning ROM

To burn a MP3 CD with Nero Burning ROM, proceed as follows:

1. Install Nero Burning ROM and Launch on your computer.

>> Download Nero Burning ROM and follow the wizard to install it on your computer. When the installation is done, double-click the shortcut on the desktop to launch it.

launch Nero to burn MP3 CD

2. Click the New button.

>> The New Compilation window is closed and the selection screen is opened. Insert the blank CD disc into your CD burner. The files are added to the compilation and displayed in the compilation screen. The capacity bar indicates how much space is required on the disc.

3. Click the Burn button.

burn an mp3 cd with Nero

>> The Burn Compilation window is opened. And just a while, you will have your MP3 music on your CD and enjoy it on your MP3 playable CD player.

All these steps above is how to burn a MP3 CD with Nero Burning ROM. You can also click Nero Howtos to get more tips and guides about Nero.

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